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BonTon designs

Artistic Handmade Tile

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BonTon designs

Offers a Gorgeous Artisan Tile Collection

With Many Styles to Choose From

Visit our Artisan Tile Gallery!

Artisan Tile Gallery

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Custom Commercial and Residential Installations Reflect the Unique Personality of the Client.

The Possibilities
are endless and
results stunning.

“Blocs de Coleur”

The BonTon Difference

Mary Anderson, owner and founder of BonTon, set out to design and manufacture the industries most unique and beautiful handmade tile. All BonTon tile is custom made to order. We use “old world” techniques to produce an extremely high quality ceramic tile. The beauty of our glazes is unmistakable. “Bold, rich and unique” have all been used to describe the look and feel of our tile. We have exclusive hand mixed glazes that you will find nowhere else in the world. Our tile is completely made by hand in our Minneapolis studios.

Introducing Studio BonTon Tile Classes

At Studio BonTon you are the creator! We have classes that will give you the opportunity to “get your tile on”. Fun group classes, bring a friend or come and make some new ones. Parties of 10 or more may schedule private class. Signing up for a class is easy!

Stunning Installations with our Handcrafted Tile

Custom commercial and residential installations reflect the unique personality of the client. Add the timeless beauty of our artistic tile designs to your remodel or new construction!